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MGM Source prudently plans and organizes efforts to materialize the successful realization of our clients’ project! This entails among others developing a pragmatic project plan, defining and confirming the project targets and purposes, identifying duties and how these targets will ultimately be attained. We offer the actual management of the implementation process of the project plan, along with practical monitoring tools to ensure realization of the project plan and counteract with appropriate action measures where required. Besides we offer daily management and operations of our clients’ project, within agreed upon management parameters.

MGM Source conducts primary and secondary research, arranges surveys, offers analytical reports to substantiate projects, economic modeling, and demand substantiation. We have experience in this area through our various employers and have been actively involved in Aruba since 1995, first through CBS, then through AIB and now as an independent firm, where research is considered the backbone of numerous documents generated and analysis prepared. Methodology applied is adapted to the need and ultimate goal of the ultimate users. Research conducted include a wide variety of economic and market research in the Dutch Caribbean for, amongst others, governmental entities, private entrepreneurs, state owned companies as well as some financial institutions and hotels.

The market intelligence feeds back into every product, with a twist of creativity.

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